PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE from Harry Potter Series He is rather tall and thin, wearing a pair of half moon spectacles. he must be really old with all those silver long hair and beard. they are so long that he could tuck them into his belt. He had a very long and crooked nose that looked as if it had been broken at least twice.。

2.四年级用简单英语描写 家人的外貌句子

I"d like to tell you something about my big brother. He is 27 years old. He is tall and thin with short hair. He has small eyes and small mouth, but he has big hands and big feet. He is very kind and funny. He is warmhearted and very helpful to others. He works in a trading company as a sales manager. In his spare time, he likes playing basketball, watching sports game. Sometimes he plays computer games and reading novels on the internet. He is cool and handsome. I like hanging out with him.。


1.A child is so little,with his face round and full,orange-red hair like froth on the top of his head.

2.Her third baby was a girl,a doll baby with the same bright,beady eyes as her brother, the same high brown skin, the same soft curly hair.

3.Martin was now fourteen,broad and strong, and tall for his age.

4.He was a small, skinny boy, his chin pointed, and his eyes so bright they had deceived Ralph into thinking him delightfully gay and wicked.

5.Bert White was a frail-looking, weedy, pale-faced boy, fifteen years of age and about four feet nine inches in height.

6.He had a thatch of fiery red hair above a pale freckled countenance.His nose was snub, his eyes a sulky grey-green, and his wide mouth disclosed large and damaged teeth.

7.She was a tall, pudgy girl of fifteen, weighing a hundred and fifty pounds, with baggy, pendulous cheeks and upturned nose.

8.He was a comely, handsome fellow, perfectly well made, with straight strong limbs, not too large, tall and wellshaped.

9.He was a gaunt and marcid creature, very tall and thin;his high, scrawny shoulders twisted forwards, his cadaverous head lowered, with the thinly bearded jaw protruding as though in defiance.

10.It was a young man with light yellow hair and a little fair moustache, which made him appear almost boyish; he was light-complexioned and blue-eyed, and had a frank and pleasant look mingled with a curious bashfulness that made him blush when people spoke to him.


我的奶奶是一个50多岁的老人,头发有点白,脸上有很多的皱纹.她有一双大耳朵.当她 穿中山装 很有沧桑感 长得很像领导人 很慈祥 面带微笑 像是经历了很多事情 My grandma My grandmother is a more than 50 years old,his hair is white,face many wrinkles.She has big ears.When she wears a vicissitudes of life ZhongShanZhuang looks like leaders very kindly smile like experience for a lot of things。


我的奶奶是一个50多岁的老人,头发有点白,脸上有很多的皱纹.她有一双大耳朵.当她 穿中山装 很有沧桑感 长得很像领导人 很慈祥 面带微笑 像是经历了很多事情 My grandma My grandmother is a more than 50 years old, his hair is white, face many wrinkles. She has big ears. When she wears a vicissitudes of life ZhongShanZhuang looks like leaders very kindly smile like experience for a lot of things。



round 圆的; thin 瘦的; long 长的; square 方的。

A. She eats too much these days , so her face is getting round .



(1) 发型(hair style):

straight 直的; curly 卷发的; pigtails 辫子; crew cut 平头; bald秃头的。

A. Her hair is brown and curly.


(2) 发色(hair color):

jet-black 乌黑的; fair 金色的; blonde 淡黄色的; golden 金黄色的; dyed 染色的; brunette 浅黑色的; mousey 灰褐色的; chestnut 栗色的.


(1) 眼睛(eye):

deep-set 深陷的; sunken 凹陷的; bulging/protruding 凸出的; eyelashes 睫毛; eyebrows 眉毛.

A. His eyes are deep-set because he has worked till midnight for a long time.


B. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.


(2) 鼻子(nose):

long 长的; straight 挺直的; big 大的; small 小的; flat 扁平的; hooked 钩状的.

A. He was born a hooked nose.



After retirement seven years ago, Mr. Chandler moved to the countryside. Now he lives in a house near a river where he could go fishing when days are sunny. He is a strong and healthy man because he keeps the habit of exercising. Every day when the children are on their way to school, they will meet Mr. Chandler, who always wears glasses and orange sport suit, is running or jogging. Mr. Chandler likes kids very much. He often invites them to his home and play with them at weekends. Tomorrow is Saturday, the kids and their grandpa Chanlder will going to hike. What an amazing day it will be!。


1、a forgetful old man一个健忘的老人 (同学概念本上)

2、She has two big,bright and beautiful eyes with oval face,and she is medium heigh/is of3 3、3、medium height.她有两只大,明亮很美丽的眼睛印在瓜子脸上,并且她中等身高(原创)

4、she has long brown curly hair wih be riotous with colour glasses.她带着五颜六色的眼镜还有长棕色卷发(原创)

5、The rugged face of the old sailor老水手满是皱纹的脸上(百度)

6、He has two Wrinkled hands他有双满是皱纹的手

7、she saw the ashen face of one of the officers.她马上看到一个脸上毫无血色的脸(原创)

8、He wears black hat and black jacket and dark blue cotton他带着黑布小帽,黑布大马褂,深青色布棉袍 (《背影》朱自清)

9、but she wears short skirts ,I wear T-shirts ,she is cheer captain and I am on the bleachers


她是拉拉队队长,我只是个棒球队队员。(you belong with me /taylor swift)


You can"t be a pine on the top of the hill If,

If you can"t be a tree in Jinsong,

A scrub in the valley---but be Be

Just be the young tree in the valley, but be sure to

Best little scrub by the side of the rill The;

The best tree in the stream.;

A bush if you can"t be a tree. Be


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